Money and Financial Resources

Not everyone can become a financial expert, but learning about money and financial resources has a number of benefits. An understanding of finances helps people manage their money and plan for the future. Successful money management involves planning earnings and analyzing expenses to ensure that money coming in will cover the cash paid out for various financial responsibilities. Some people have an interest in finances, which might lead to a study of accounting or bookkeeping. With a degree in accounting, one could work in this field as a bookkeeper, auditor, or financial manager.

Bookkeepers and accountants both work with finances and figures. A bookkeeper has the tasks of daily transaction recording, maintaining a general ledger, creating invoices, and completing payroll for a company. An accountant uses the information recorded and compiled by a bookkeeper to produce reports and financial statements. An accountant's responsibilities may include that of a bookkeeper, depending on the company and job description. Because the position of an accountant requires more education and specialization, a bookkeeper generally does not possess the qualifications to work as an accountant.

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