Murderous Maths Kjartan Poskitt's Fun Maths Videos

Here are some of the videos made by
Murderous Maths author Kjartan Poskitt
during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

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The Six Card Trick
Pennies that reach past the Sun
One-Sided Paper
The Predictor Cards
The 22 Trick!
How to make Flexagons
Times Table Patterns
Times Table Tricks
The Dice Game
How to Fold a Hexagon
How to Fold a Pentagon
Beat the Calculator Tricks

The Six Card Counting Trick

A simple trick for all ages.
Can you work out what order the six numbered cards should be in, and then perform the trick yourself?

The Pennies That Reach Higher Than The Sun!

Do you like big numbers? Seriously big numbers?
Start by putting one penny on the first square of a chess board. Put two pennies on the next square, four on the next and eight on the next and so on. Keep doubling the number of pennies, until you get to the 64th square...
This video is based on the introduction to The Most Epic Book of Maths Ever

One-Sided Paper!

Turn your mind inside out with some very peculiar Mobius Strips! There's even a teaser at the end, but can you see the answer or will you have to make one and try it yourself?

The Predictor Cards

A simple trick for all ages, as performed by Kjartan onstage over 2,000 times!
For more details and a printout to make go to The Predictor Cards

The 22 Trick

An amazing prediction trick which uses three numbers picked at random by a volunteer. And although you don't need it - there is a full explanation of how it works.

How To Make Flexagons

Kjartan introduces some of his magical stage flexagons including The Witches Purse, then shows how you can make your own from a plain strip of paper. For even more fun there's the webpage with a free book and cut-outs to download.

The Times Table Videos

Download and print out your own Times Table Grid.
Patterns, Tricks and The Dice Game show a wide range of different facts and activites based on the tables, ideal for number fun at home or in the classroom.

Times Tables Patterns

A tiny scrap of paper only has two numbers on it, but that gives you enough clues to create a completely massive times tables grid!

The secret is in the unexpected patterns that link all the numbers together.

The Tricks of the Times Tables

A mixture of unexpected little sums, help with learning the tables and an amazing method of working out some of the bigger sums just using your fingers.

The Dice Game

A quick and fun game for two or more people using dice or even cards. The winner will be the person who knows the times tables best. You could even challenge a roomful of people to play - just like a game show!

How to Fold a Hexagon

It's easy to fold angles of 90º or 45º, but what about 60º or 120º? This neat little trick shows how to fold equilateral triangles and hexagons and even how to create the perfect snowflake!

How to Fold a Pentagon

A regular pentagon has five equal sides and five angles of 108º so it should be impossible to fold from a standard piece of paper... or is it?
You can check the result with some really Murderous Maths at the end if you're brave enough!

Beat the Calculator Tricks

Three classic Murderous Maths tricks!
Ask volunteers to give you some numbers, then you'll amaze everyone by doing a set of mind-bending sums in your head far faster than they can get the answers on a calculator!
Can you see why these tricks work?

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

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