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If you were listening to me on the Chris Evans show, here are a few of the things I might have talked about!

What Were You Like When You Were Born?      

The 7-11-13 trick A trick multiplication you can do faster than a calculator


Ask a friend to do this...
  • Think of a number between 1 and 9
  • Add 1
  • Multiply by 9
  • Add 1
  • Add the two digits of your answer
  • Divide by 2
  • Turn the number you have left into a letter:

    1=a  2=b  3=c  4=d  5=e  6=f  7=g  8=h  9=i

    Shout the name of an animal beginning with your letter!

There's loads of tricks with numbers, cards, paper, calculators and coins in here!

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