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Introducing the fabulous...


We offer our big respect to James Davis who recently won $1000 by discovering: 13532385396179 = 13 x 532 x 3853 x 96179

(Look at the digits... 13 53 2 etc. It's the same sequence in the answer and the sums!)

That is AWESOME! Pointless, but awesome. That's how we like it.

Many thanks to EDDERIOFER who sent this into our mailroom June 2017.

The Ship Tunnel

Norway is planning to build the world's first tunnel big enough for ships! It will go through the Stadlandet Peninsular to provide a shortcut which avoids having to sail the long way round a dangerous stretch of coatstline.
Length = 1.7km (over 1 mile)
Width = 36m
Height = an awesome 49m !
To make it they will need to blast out 8,000,000 tonnes of rock and it will cost about 250,000,000 (that's $320m)
Here's a message to our Norwegian friends ... Lykke til!
We read this in The Week April 2017.
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The 59 Ball Lottery

We've done all the sums to explain the The UK National Lottery.
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