The Murderous Maths Quiz

Have you read all of the first 8 Murderous Maths books?

If so, why not see which silly details you can remember!

There's one question from each book and under the questions are a choice of answers, each with a letter. You can check your answers below!

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  1. What is the 4th word in Princess Laplace's secret message?
  2. Who is the 2 dimensional person in the house?
  3. How many flies are in the amazing man's cowshed?
  4. Who did Jimmy see eating a doughnut?
  5. What are embarrassing angles measured in?
  6. What was the 8th item that Pongo added to his menu?
  7. What is the fourth Tangent flavour?
  8. What kind of wizard blew a crater in the Duchess's garden?

a: garlic sardines     b: 281     c: sausages     d: degrees     e: inches     f: Ma Butcher    
g: elephant     h: twenty     i: Peter     j: Bluetooth     k: 24201     l: chewy custard    
m: 31682     n: calcatronic     o: Half-Smile     p: flats     q: Anna     r: 90    
s: grease sauce     t: Jake     u: horse     v: grads     w: million     x: Urgum     y: salty mushroom    


To read the answers, drag your mouse across the box:
1=G 2=Q 3=M 4=J 5=V 6=A 7=Y 8=N


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